embroidered felt headbands

A has wanting to do her own hair lately, which means barrettes, pig tails and pony tails are out, because she can’t do them by herself.  She’s been wearing a lot of cotton kerchiefs (which our neighbor sews and are very cute), and the crochet kerchief and headband I made for her, but I decided […]

needle books

I am CONSTANTLY losing my needles (maybe my marbles, too), so I decided to make a needle book to go along with my new notebook cover.  I did a search for needle books on pinterest and found these gorgeous books.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Mine is inspired by those ones, but obviously  not nearly as fancy.   […]

notebook cover

I have a boring little notebook that I have with me most of the time (at my desk or in my bag).  I’ve been using it for a long time and I’m nearing the end of the pages, so I decided I wanted to spruce things up a little for my next notebook.  I had […]

sleeping bunnies

A decided Max and Maggie were going to go to bed this morning, so I got to get a picture of them wearing their nightgown and pajamas (Maggie apparently also likes to wear necklaces to bed; the bunnies are borrowing doll Cara’s ripple blanket that  I made awhile ago).  For the nightgown, I just did […]

maggie bunny’s brother max

I finished Maggie Bunny’s brother, Max, using Alicia Paulson’s wonderful pattern here,  and my own materials.  I ordered the felt for Max’s body from this store on Etsy, which I’m pretty sure is the same brand included in Alicia’s kit (if not, it’s of very similar quality).  Max is a heathered gray.   For the shirt, […]

wee mousie

J’s mouse-loving friend is turning 6 today and I made him this little Wee Mousie in an Altoids tin, using this pattern.  I followed all the instructions, with the exception that I hand sewed everything and I crocheted a little alpaca blanket instead of making the blanket out of felt.  I hope Mousie is a […]

winter clothes for the first day of spring

We got a big snowstorm yesterday, so we’re all still wearing winter clothes unfortunately, including J’s and A’s dolls Alexander and Cara.  J and A had requested matching outfits for their dolls and these are the winter clothes I made them a couple of months ago.  I’m looking forward to making some spring/summer clothes soon, […]

Maggie bunny

  I finished Maggie bunny last night, using Alicia Paulson’s wonderful kit.  Although I have made lots of doll clothes, this was my first time making a stuffed animal and I really enjoyed it.  I definitely did not do a “perfect” job with everything, but overall, I’m very happy with how Maggie turned out.  My […]

rose hair clips

I made some rose hair clips with wool felt for the auction at the spring fair at J’s school.  Some of these may also end up at a booth at a craft fair if I get brave this summer. Here’s how I make them: First, I cut a circle approximately 2″.  As you can see, […]

felt flower hair bands

I made A some new hair bands with wool felt and embroidery thread.  I cut the felt in flower, leaf and circle shapes and then french knotted the three pieces together with six strands of embroidery thread.  Some of them I then sewed to the hair band and a couple others I hot glued – […]