colorful doily blanket

rainbow doily 1

In an apparent effort to avoid finishing the rainbow blanket, I got swept up in starting a new blanket project.  I had seen a very pretty rainbow version of this pattern, called Anya, somewhere online, although I can’t find it now that I’m looking for it again.  Anyway, I decided to use the leftover yarn from A’s granny stripe blanket and the yarn that I was supposed to be using for J’s rainbow blanket to start on this new, highly impractical circular blanket with holes in it.  It’s so pretty, though!  And it’s really, really, really fun when compared to crocheting endless granny stripes.  I did not make it all the way through the pattern before J saw it and claimed it, which I guess is only fair, considering I used up all the yarn for his blanket.  It’s about three feet across right now.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep going or not – it’s more pretty to look at than practical as a blanket.  I do think it would make a really nice rug if crocheted with thicker yarn.



My dad got J the first four Boxcar Children books and he’s been reading them to my husband before bed.  Somehow, I never read these when I was little, so I decided to read them before J read them.  They are so fun, and I think J really likes the stories and how adventurous the kids are.  They’re perfect for his reading level, which I think is somewhere around 2nd or 3rd grade.  I think we’ll have to have a little conversation about radioactive materials when we get to book 4, though – the kids find a uranium deposit and discover that the fireplace in their aunt’s house is made out of uranium.  No one seems to even realize that it’s not the safest stuff to be playing with.  I guess that’s how things were back in the 50’s!

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8 thoughts on “colorful doily blanket

  1. Oh my! That crochet is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I gasped as the photo came up on my computer. Lovely stitches awesome colour – ace.

    • thank you! I know, my “inspiration” photo, which I unfortunately can’t find again to link to, made me feel the same way about doilies.

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