embroidered felt headbands

embroidered headbands

A has wanting to do her own hair lately, which means barrettes, pig tails and pony tails are out, because she can’t do them by herself.  She’s been wearing a lot of cotton kerchiefs (which our neighbor sews and are very cute), and the crochet kerchief and headband I made for her, but I decided to make some “fancier” headbands with felt.  Since her favorite color is pink and her favorite things are flowers, pink flowers seemed like a logical choice.  Pink flowers are second only to rainbows in A’s book, so that was an obvious number two.

I used wool blend felt, a rectangle about 13″x1.25″ and I rounded the corners.  For the flower headband, I cut out a bunch of little flower shapes using embroidery scissors and then stitched them on using three strands of cotton embroidery floss.  I also just freehanded a viney shape with running stitch down the length of the headband.  For the rainbow one, I also used three strands of embroidery floss and did a running stitch around in long ovals.  I started with orange and kept going until I got to purple.  Then I added a backing strip of felt and stitched the two layers together using red floss.  For the pink flower one, after I stitched all the flowers on, I stitched the backing felt on with green thread.  At each end, I sewed in about a 6.5″ inch length of 1/2″ elastic.  These headbands fit both A and I thanks to the elastic.  I was worried they would be hot and/or itchy, but A has worn them for whole days without complaining at all, so they must be ok.

headband4_52113 headband2_52113 headband1_52113


4 thoughts on “embroidered felt headbands

    • yes, it seems like it would be worth a try. Usually if my daughter wears a headband, she’s constantly taking it off and putting it back on and her hair is always a mess, so I was happily surprised that this one stayed put – she seemed to forget she was even wearing it. Good luck!

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