needle books

needle book

I am CONSTANTLY losing my needles (maybe my marbles, too), so I decided to make a needle book to go along with my new notebook cover.  I did a search for needle books on pinterest and found these gorgeous books.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Mine is inspired by those ones, but obviously  not nearly as fancy.   I embroidered an outside piece of felt and sewed on a tie and button, and then blanket stitched the outside to another piece of felt.  Finally, I sewed two additional sheets of felt to the middle to make the book.

One thing I haven’t quite figured out is how to make the stitching down the middle look neat.  I think that’s why the ones I linked to have a ribbon going down the spine (plus, it looks very cute).  I made two books, one with a running stitch going down the middle from the inside, which looks nice on the inside but not on the outside, and one with a backstitch going down the middle from the outside, which looks very nice from the outside, but not on the inside.  I then tried covering my neat-on-the-inside one with some bias tape on the outside to make a spine, but I should have done that first, rather than last, and it just made kind of a mess, so I pulled it out, and in the process messed up my blanket stitch.  I think I have a “plan” now, though, so I may have to make a third one.  Either way, now I can find my needles!

inside needle book

needle books

hanging out with their big sister, the notebook

Next up, I have big plans for a crochet hook case.  I’m getting way too organized!


2 thoughts on “needle books

  1. I’m so happy I found this link thourhg Frontier Dreams’ KCCO! I am just getting into embrodery and I don’t know how to store all the needles properly without loosing them! This is the perfect way to do it, and oh so cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

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