notebook cover

felt notebook cover

I have a boring little notebook that I have with me most of the time (at my desk or in my bag).  I’ve been using it for a long time and I’m nearing the end of the pages, so I decided I wanted to spruce things up a little for my next notebook.  I had bought my kids a couple of the small blank Moleskin notebooks awhile ago and I like the small size of them, so I decided to make a cover that would fit them.  Then I can just swap a new one in when I run out of pages, and it’s a nice small size to fit in my bag.

I used some merino wool-blend felt I ordered from the KindallKrafts store on Etsy.  I have tried wool and wool-blend felt from a number of sources over the years and I’m really happy with the quality of this felt for the price.  It has a really nice weight and feel to it.

Here’s how I made it:

  1. Using the Tiffany Blue color felt, I cut a piece 12″ x 5.5″, to cover the Moleskin notebook (note that the dimensions of the notebook I linked to above were listed slightly larger than what my notebook measures).  If you want to cover a different kind of notebook, I’d recommend a formula something like the following:
    (width of notebook x 2)+ (width of spine) + (4.5″ for flaps)  X  (height of the notebook+1/4″)
  2. I folded the felt in half and marked the middle with a pin.  The I folded the felt around the notebook and marked the fold for the flaps.  I removed the notebook from the felt.
  3. I cut out my “embellishments” from felt – in my case, two flower shapes, two round circles and two leaves.  I played around with them until I was happy with the layout and then made a little mark with a water soluble marker to mark where I wanted to place the leaves and flowers.
  4. I embroidered the stems of the flowers using embroidery floss and going up until where I had the marks for the flowers.  Next, I sewed the flowers on, using french knots.  Finally, I sewed the leaves on, just using a straight stitch for the vein of the leaves.
  5. Next, I folded over the flaps and secured them with a pin.  I blanket stitched around the edge using contrasting thread.
  6. That’s it!  A cute notebook cover and I can easily swap in and out notebooks when I need a new one.  I think I may also add a flap along the side to hold a pen.

felt notebook cover - inside

felt notebook cover


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