maggie bunny’s brother max

Max Bunny 2

I finished Maggie Bunny’s brother, Max, using Alicia Paulson’s wonderful pattern here,  and my own materials.  I ordered the felt for Max’s body from this store on Etsy, which I’m pretty sure is the same brand included in Alicia’s kit (if not, it’s of very similar quality).  Max is a heathered gray.   For the shirt, I used the same pattern as for Maggie’s dress, but I made the length and sleeves shorter and omitted the elastic around the sleeves.  The shirt is natural linen with a muslin pocket I embroidered with a carrot.  I modified a doll pants pattern for Max and added some orange polka-dot cuffs.  I still need to embroider his nose!  I forgot about it until I looked at these pictures.

I also made a nightgown for Maggie and some pajamas for Max (as well as “slipper boots”), but I finished those late Saturday night and J and A are not cooperative about putting on their pajamas (it’s not night time), so I’ll have to sneak some pictures when I have a chance.  These bunnies were so fun to make!  I hope J and A really enjoy playing with them. Max is currently strapped to a remote control car, so I think he is a hit with J.

Max Bunny

Max and Maggie Bunnies


7 thoughts on “maggie bunny’s brother max

  1. Oh my, I thought the suitcases and bunnies were cute (coming over from Nicole’s) but the carrot shirt is even cuter! In fact all the posts I just looked at are full of such sweet crafts. My daughter Strawberry was looking iver my shoulder and has requested several items. The bunnies, suitcases and their clothing are at the top of her “I’d love to have” list. What lucky kiddos you have 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I highly recommend the bunny pattern – they were so fun to make and they’re a big hit with my daughter, too.

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