winter clothes for the first day of spring


We got a big snowstorm yesterday, so we’re all still wearing winter clothes unfortunately, including J’s and A’s dolls Alexander and Cara.  J and A had requested matching outfits for their dolls and these are the winter clothes I made them a couple of months ago.  I’m looking forward to making some spring/summer clothes soon, although I’m a bit distracted with bunnies at the moment!

I used a combination of wool from my stash – cream and red in worsted and dk weights, for the sweaters, hats and scarves.  The cardigan is just a  basic pattern that I adapted from some baby patterns I found on ravelry.  I’ll post my notes sometime soon.  I use this pattern quite frequently because it’s very adaptable.  I added a picot edge to Cara’s sweater and I embroidered some X’s on both of the sweaters.  The bags are just rectangles of wool felt whip-stitched together around the edge, and another long rectangle sewn on for a strap.  I embroidered their initials on their bags.  The scarf and hat patterns were made up on-the-fly and you can see they do not quite match, but J and A did not seem to notice.  The pom-poms are key! I started out embroidering stars with contrasting thread, but I lost steam and reduced down to X’s.   The dress and pants are made with natural and red linen, embroidered with cream stars.  I purposely left the edges of the pockets raw because I thought I would like the look, but they have frayed quite a lot, so I wish I hadn’t done that.  The shoes were made with this baby shoe pattern from Purl Bee – after some experimentation, I found that reducing the pattern to 70% was just about perfectly sized for Alexander and Cara.





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