rainbow blanket wip

rainbow blanket wip 1Shortly after I started A’s granny stripe blanket , J requested a “rainbow blanket”.  I was initially stumped about this, since making a rainbow shaped blanket did not seem to be especially practical.  It seems like an arm and a leg would always be sticking out in the cold.  Because blanket making is not my favorite thing anyway,  I at least wanted the final product to function as an actual blanket.  In my fantasy world, I envision J and A taking these off to college and then handing them down to our grandchildren.

In further discussion with J, it became clearer that his primary objective was that the blanket have all the rainbow colors and be in “rainbow order” (a hot topic of conversation in this household).  So, I ultimately settled on making a giant two-sided granny square (or granny “L”, I guess), figuring this would end up looking somewhat similar to a  rainbow, but was more practically shaped.  I started it to show J what it would look like and he gave it his stamp of approval.

I’m using the same Lily ‘n’ Cream yarn as I used for A’s blanket, in red, hot orange, yellow, hot green, light blue and hot purple.  I was originally planning to make one large set of rainbow stripes big enough to cover the whole blanket, but boredom set in, so I just sort of randomly made up the pattern (number of stripes per color) as I was going based on however much yarn I happened to have on hand at the time.  I ended up doing 8 stripes of each color to start, then 3 stripes, then 1 stripe, and now I’m reversing the whole pattern (1-3-8, in reverse rainbow order), which by my calculations, will make it just about a twin size by the time I finish.  A couple of these colors I cannot get anywhere locally, so I had to order them online, and of course I did not order enough.  I can tell you for certain that the hot purple is quite different between dye lots, but oh, well.  I’m not worrying about it too much.

I have lost steam on this blanket.  I think I granny striped myself out with A’s blanket.  I’d really like to finish it up before summer, though, because then I definitely will not feel like working on a big hot blanket.  When (if?) I finish this I am taking at least a two year hiatus from granny stripes.

In reading news, my aunt gave J the first two Adirondack Kids books.  He’s really enjoyed the stories and he loves that he lives in, has been to, or at least heard of, most of the locations in the books.  Our library has the rest of the series, so we’re going to make a trip tomorrow to check out the next couple.  J’s favorite character is Dax, the crazy kitten.

rainbow blanket wip and Adk kids  rainbow blanket wip 2 rainbow blanket wip 3

Yarning along with Ginny today.


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