a bed for mousie

bed for mousie 1

J and A love to paint unfinished wood things.  Awhile ago, I found some little inexpensive wood trays for them to paint, not really knowing what we would do with the finished product, but as soon as they saw the trays, they both said “beds!”  So, they painted away and I whipped up some quick little sheets and pillows and they had new beds for their special animals.

J’s good friend has a very special stuffed friend named Mousie, so I decided to craft along with J and A and make Mousie a new bed, too.  I sanded the tray, woodburned a design and Mousie’s name, and then painted the tray with watercolors and finished it with some beeswax finish.  For the mattress, I bought 6″ of mattress ticking and sewed a mattress and filled it with wool.  I made a little sheet, a monogrammed linen pillow, and knit Mousie a wool blankie.  The bed is a big hit and Mousie is very cozy mouse.

bed for mousie 2 bed for mousie 3


5 thoughts on “a bed for mousie

  1. Thanks so much. This was a gift for my son’s friend, so I do have a picture with Mousie in the bed taken by his mom, but my son’s friend is in the picture too, and I didn’t feel comfortable posting it. I’ll see if I can get another picture with just Mousie!

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