girl and doll sweaters

I made A and her doll, Cara, coordinating sweaters.  A’s is Linda Permann’s Swingset Cardigan, using Paton’s Grace yarn in Viola.  I’ve made this pattern twice and I highly recommend it.  I love it in the Paton’s Grace yarn, too – it’s mercerized cotton so it gives the sweater a bit of a polished and more structured look, but it’s not stiff (and it can go in the washing machine!) I made the first sweater (a size 3-4) when A was 3 and I made the same size again for this sweater.  Both still fit her well at age 4.

Cara’s sweater is a modified version of the Preemie Angel Shell Sweater.  I shortened the sleeves and added a scallop, added buttonholes, shortened the body slightly, and changed the pattern a bit where the bodice meets the body to make it look more similar to A’s sweater.  I am planning to make another of these sweaters to donate to our local hospital.

I made some covered buttons for the sweaters and matching dresses for A and Cara, as well.  A likes these sweaters because they keep her arms free – important for a busy preschooler!  Looking at these pictures, I notice she spilled something on the collar the last time she wore it – time for a wash.

matchingsweaters1_21813 matchingsweaters2_21813 matchingsweaters3_21813

Yarning along with Ginny.


16 thoughts on “girl and doll sweaters

  1. Awww! We have that same sweet doll at our house. You’ve inspired me–I’ve been wanting to make a doll sweater for some time. I love the colors and fun buttons.

  2. The sweaters are lovely. I’m sure your daughter will treasure them for a long time. A while ago I made matching night gowns for my oldest and her doll and she still enjoys both. Your crochet is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I found you through the yarn along. Your sweaters are very beautiful. I just checked with my local library to see if they had the book of the pattern you mentioned and they do… I haven’t crocheted in ages. I wonder how difficult this would be as a first time (all over again) project? I’d love to make a spring sweater like this for my little girl in Yellow.

    • Thank you! I think you could absolutely crochet that sweater. The pattern is very well written and the directions in the book are clear and helpful. It would look so lovely in yellow. There are a bunch of other cute patterns in the book, too, so I’d say it’s definitely worth checking it out. Good luck!

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