hat and cowl

I made myself a new hat and cowl, using Lion Nature’s Choice organic cotton yarn in the almond color.  As much as I love wool, it is too itchy close to my face.  The organic cotton yarn is very soft and cushy and fairly warm, but being cotton, it does tend to stretch out.  Fortunately, I can toss it in the washer and dryer without too much ill effect, which tightens it back up (you can see it has pilled slightly after a couple of washes (and lots of wear), but not too terribly).  The yarn is listed as worsted weight, but I think it’s closer to bulky weight.

I crocheted the hat using this pattern, with a few modifications.  I ended up doing fewer rounds because of the bulk of the yarn (and I have a small head) and I substituted single crochet around the edge for the ribbing, which I wasn’t crazy about.  I did a few sctog stitches in the sc rounds to tighten it up a bit.

I made up the pattern for the cowl using the same stitch pattern as the hat.  The cowl used less than a skein and the hat used slightly more, so it was just under two skeins for both hat and cowl.  A  is modeling in the last picture – I think they look cute on her, too, although a bit too big.

hat1_21513 hat2_21513 hat3_21513


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