granny stripe blanket

I finished a new blanket for A.  It was a bit boring to make and has been a work in progress for a long time, so I’m glad to have it finished.  It is made with Lily Cotton Sugar ‘n Cream, which I used because I like to crochet with natural fibers, it’s cheap, and I like the color options, but I was worried it was going to make the blanket stiff, since it’s dishcloth cotton.   Fortunately, although it’s not the softest blanket in the world, it is not stiff, and it’s actually surprisingly warm.  It’s for a twin bed, although it’s probably a little narrower than an official twin size.  The stripes are in a repeating pattern, with the following colors in this order:

hot purple
hot green
light blue

I played around with a lot of options for the edging, and ultimately did a row of granny stitches around the whole edge, followed by a row of hdc in rose, then a row of single crochet in green, two rows of hdc in yellow, and one row of hdc in cream, followed by a small picot edge.  I think it gives it just a touch of “girliness” without being too much.





8 thoughts on “granny stripe blanket

  1. thank you so much! I wish I had kept track of how many skeins of yarn I used, but unfortunately, I used the same yarn for various other projects while I was working on the blanket, so I don’t have a super accurate figure. If I had to give a guess, it would be about 20 skeins. I think each skein is 120 yards. I hope this helps – I’m sorry I don’t have a more accurate figure!

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